Here are some of the most frequent initial questions that we receive. If you don't see yours in the list, please contact us today. Who knows? We may just add your question here.

Where do you practice?

Although we are based in Georgia, we practice all over the United States. Many of our clients come from other parts of the country, and that's no problem. In fact, in many cases, it is preferable to be represented by someone from out of state. They are an unknown, with no pre-existing loyalties or conflicts. Their only allegiance is to you.

Do you represent only physicians, or other health care workers as well?

For the most part, we represent physicians accused of wrongdoing. Occasionally, we will agree to represent other health care workers or even hospitals and other health care facilities, but only if that representation does not conflict with our primary mission of representing practicing physicians.

Do you represent parties in non-medical matters?

On very rare occasions, we will represent someone in a serious matter that is outside of the health care arena. And most of those involve some element of medicine, such as the wrongful denial of disability insurance benefits. However, we first make sure that our doing so does not in any way conflict with our primary mission of representing practicing physicians.

Do you charge an initial consultation fee?

All initial consultations are completely free of charge. That can be conducted in person if you live near us, or alternatively by telephone, email, or skype. The goal is for us to get to know one another and for us to become familiar with your case and inform you of your legal options. You are not charged anything unless and until you hire us to represent you and we agree to take your case.

Can I send you my records to look over prior to our initial consultation?

Yes! We love to receive your documents - anything that bears upon your situation - prior to our initial consultation with you. We are happy to review those, at no charge, prior to our free consultation. In fact, our having access to your records ahead of time is the single most important determinant of how productive your free consultation is and how reassured we are, at its completion, that we are on the right track.

You may email your documents to us at Alternatively, you may mail them to us at P. O. Box 2437, Douglas, GA 31534.

Please be sure to include a short statement regarding your situation and your goals in seeking representation. Please also include your current contact information, including your name, email address, telephone number, and postal address.

We will send you an email as soon as we receive your records. If we can, we will include an estimated time frame for you to receive a response.

We will contact you once we have reviewed your records. Please note that due to other commitments, it may take us a few days to a few weeks to get back with you. Rest assured that we are doing our best and will contact you as soon as we can.

How do you charge for your services?

Generally, we work out compensation on a case-by-case basis. Cases, like the physicians involved in them, are all different. We try very hard to come up with a payment plan that works for everyone and that maximizes both our efficiency and your chances of success. Sometimes that means that we "straight charge" an agreed upon hourly fee for our services. At other times, we may agree to charge a reduced hourly rate in exchange for a percentage of any judgment that is obtained. In any event, we will discuss your payment options before we ask you to commit to having us represent you.

How do you handle litigation expenses like court and expert witness fees?

Generally, at the time that you agree to have us represent you, we ask you to work with us in opening an interest-bearing retainer account at a financial institution. We furthermore ask that you fund that account in an amount that makes sense given the anticipated expenses of getting your case up and running.

Over time, that is the account from which we pay your litigation expenses, including any court, expert witness, or other fees. We also charge for our time against that retainer account.

If the retainer account becomes depleted, we ask you to replenish it in an amount that makes sense.

Every month, you will receive from us a statement containing a full accounting of all money spent and where it went, and we remain available to address any concerns that you may have. We will also include a summary of the past month's progress and an estimate of what we hope to accomplish the following month. That way, you are always in the loop and in control.

Once your case concludes, we will promptly refund to you any unused amounts, with accumulated interest, that remain in the retainer account. If applicable, we will deposit into the retainer account any judgment award and properly disburse those funds from that account. That way, everything is properly recorded and completely transparent. At that point, the retainer account is closed.

Do you handle cases "on contingency" for no money up front?

Unfortunately, except in very rare instances, we are unable to handle cases on a contingency basis. Most importantly, we find that such an arrangement prevents everyone at the table from having "skin in the game," which is a necessary ingredient to any successful litigation. In our experience, our payment system produces a greater degree of accountability and transparency and continually keeps everyone in the loop. It also allows everyone to share in the risk, which is inherent in any serious legal representation.

What is your success rate?

Due in large part to our combination of medical and legal expertise as well as our in-the-trenches fighter mentality, we have experienced extraordinary success representing physicians wrongly accused of misconduct. In fact, we are happy to report a 100% success rate to date.

We prevail because we are honest, transparent, relentless, and aggressive in our approach. We also let you know, at every step, what is - and what is not - working. By working together, we achieve the results you want and save the career you need.

How do you choose your cases?

That's a tough one. The short answer is that it depends. Again, all cases are different.

In general, we look for highly successful physicians with good records who have been wrongly accused of misconduct. That can be in a medical malpractice setting, an employment setting, before the state medical board or specialty medical boards, before government regulators, or in any number of other settings.

The bottom line is this: We represent physicians who are wrongly accused of misconduct and who, as a result, are in grave danger of losing it all.

We become their best friend when no one else wants to be. Together, we clear their name and save their career. It's what we do. And it works.

Can I refer someone else to you?

Yes! Please do, as we love and greatly appreciate referrals.

You may simply direct them to this website and let them contact us. Alternatively, you can contact us on their behalf. With their permission, we are happy to contact them at their convenience and thereby move the ball forward.

For physicians in trouble and at a loss for what to do, such a referral is the best gift and show of support that you can provide. Even if we do not end up taking their case, just having an honest, straightforward, respectful conversation, during which we reassure them that everyone does not think that they are guilty of wrongdoing, can work wonders for their outlook, self-esteem, and resolve to defend their rights moving forward.

Trust us: They will thank you later. And so will we.