Physician Legal Representation

We specialize in the legal representation of physicians in a wide range of settings including medical malpractice, unjust termination or discipline, sham peer review, disciplinary matters before state medical boards and specialty medical boards, and state and federal regulatory and compliance issues.

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Physician Employment Matters

We also specialize in advising physicians regarding all aspects of their employment. Our services include employment contract negotiation and execution, consultation regarding employment benefits, rights, and responsibilities, and representation in the event of termination, suspension, or other employment related events.

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Physician Education and Training

In addition to being physicians and lawyers, we are also educators. We specialize in educating physicians in the law. We do this primarily through group presentations and educational events.

We know medicine. We also know the law. We make sure that you do as well. Because the more you know, the more successfully you can defend your rights.

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Where Medicine and Law Converge

We are physicians and lawyers who represent physicians.

We know medicine. We know the law. We know your rights. We are prepared and willing to stand with you in defending your rights against anyone who would limit or take them from you.

You worked long and hard to get where you are. The good news is that you are to be congratulated. After all, your success shows.

Now the bad news: You have a lot to lose.

And there is more bad news: Today's struggling health care delivery system is full of those who have every reason to want to control you. If you cannot be controlled, you will be fired. Or forced to resign. Or disciplined. Or subjected to a fraudulent and unfair peer review process or criminal investigation.

When that happens, we are here to help.

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